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Special Covid-19 Cancellation Policy

We have applied a special Covid-19 cancellation policy to our normal cancellation policies in order to better clarify Covid-19 related cancellations reasons from non Covid-19 related.

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Covid-19 related cancellations:
If any/or all of the below occasions happen, the deposit amount you have paid at the cancellation time, will be credited against a future booking, valid for a period of 18 months from the original booking dates:

  • Travel ban or closed borders of Greece or guests’ country of origin.
  • If there is an official advisory by the guests’ government not to travel in Greece.
  • If a guest is unable to reach Fiscardo or Kefalonia due to travel restrictions imposed by Greek Authorities (with official statements that ban the entrance in Greece to the citizens of the country of the guest).
  • Mandatory quarantine upon arriving in Greece.


Not Covid-19 related cancellations:
If any/or all of the below occasions happen, our normal cancellation policy applies:

  • Guests’ unwillingness to undertake the mandatory Covid-19 test to enter the country.
  • Guests’ failure to prepare all the necessary paperwork to enter the country (such as the Passenger Locator Form – ), a factor that could lead to their late or not possible arrival at Fiscardo or Kefalonia.
  • Guests’ failure to remain updated regarding border restrictions, which may lead them not being able to access Greece through a third country different from the guest’s origin country.
  • Guests’ unwillingness to change/rebook a flight to Kefalonia in case of a proven flight cancellation related to Covid-19 (with flight cancellation confirmation attached).
  • Guests’ unwillingness to remain in quarantine if applicable after returning to their country.
  • Guests’ general uncertainty regarding travelling.


We hope that our honest approach will give you the confidence to plan carefree for the summer holiday season. Book now with us>>

Marina Tselenti
Marina loves to collect special information on the area and Kefalonia and feels so happy to help our guests have the best of times. She is an overall Kefalonian culture advocator and a Mediterranean lifestyle lover. You will meet her at the check in time when she will welcome you with a big smile and a glass of homemade lemonade at your new summer house, Agnantia.

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