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Local Products & Cuisine
Hectares of Kefalonian land thrive under the Mediterranean sun to offer a great selection of local delicacies from olive oil and wine to dairy products and pure honey.

Taste award-winning wines such as the Kefalonian robola, the fruity Muscat and the rare dry red Kefalonian Mavrodaphne. Thick honeys imbued with the aromas of thyme flowers or the rare Great Black fir trees of Ainos. Superior local olive oil and pleasantly salty and buttery feta, mizithra and kefalograviera cheeses.

Tavernas and restaurants have great menus full of local recipes and products. Try the “Kefalonian kreatopita” (mince meat pie), with potatoes, mince meat, rice, tomatoes, garlic and parsley inside a crispy pastry. The nutritious snack “riganada”, salted slices of brown bread with olive oil, crushed tomatoes and oregano. Enjoy the summery scramble eggs recipe, “Straptsada or Kagiana”, tomatoes and eggs with feta cheese, and “Lagoto”, rabbit with tomato and garlic. Seafood and fish lovers should try “bakaliaropita”(cod pie) and “xtapodi stifado” (octopus stew). Kefalonian dessert recipes almost always include almonds. Don’t forget to taste “mandola” (roasted almonds with sugar) and “kydonopasto”, a jelly made of quince, almonds, cognac and sugar.