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Melissani, approx. 33 km, is a lovely cave, with a subterranean lake. A part of the roof collapsed some thousands of years ago, so most of the cave is in broad sunlight. The cave is about 150 by 25 meters; the water is over 30 meters deep. You can take a small boat trip through the cave. The boatman will tell you all the stories about the cave.

Drogarati cave, approx. 39 km, is very impressive with its fine multi-colored stalactites and stalagmites. There is a downhill entrance passage of 44 meters, which ends in a chamber 30 x 34 meters in size. The acoustics are marvelous. Concerts have been given in the illuminated cave.

Saint Gerasimos Monastery
Saint Gerasimos Monastery, approx. 50 km, is a major centre for pilgrims from all over Greece. Saint Gerasimos is the patron saint of the island. He lived for a long time in a cave as a monk. He died on 16th August 1579 and his relics were removed on 20th October 1581. His body was found to have undergone no decomposition and exuded a pleasant odor. On both these dates the shrine is taken outside the church for adoration. Visitors can visit the underground cave in which Saint Gerasimos lived.

Assos, approx. 13 km, stands on the neck of a small peninsula. On one side the mountains rise almost in a circular fashion, creating the impression of a small bay, while on the other side, the water spreads out towards the horizon and the eye travels across the wide expanse of the Ionian Sea.

Ainos Mountain
Ainos Mountain, approx. 45 km., is the highest mountain in western Greece. (1626 m.) Visitors who find themselves on Ainos are in the advantageous position of seeing no other mountains or mountain ranges around and have the unique advantage of seeing the sea from above from whatever point they happens to be. The island of Zakynthos which lies opposite seems at one moment to be approaching and then perhaps at another to be receding towards the depths of the horizon, behind a mysterious hazy veil, depending on the humidity of the atmosphere.

With a little luck, the wild white horses that live on the mountain will make an appearance. The fir tree forest – a unique variety in the world and the perfume of the trees, flowers and aromatic plants emphasize the uniqueness of the experience.

Fiscardo, (2 km from the starting point of Fiscardo and 4 km from the port) What better place than Fiscardo can one find on Kefalonia or the Ionian Islands in general? It still stands as a model of the old port, untouched after the great earthquake of 1953 – in its traditional grandeur. Α port location full of romance, picturesque scenery, and magic. Visitors never forget the narrow, stone side-road which is surrounded by traditional, 18th century houses. Pastel coloured Venetian buildings look down onto the fishermen busy preparing their nets for the next trip. Greek souvenir shops, bars and restaurants which serve fresh fish and traditional Kefalonian dishes, all combine to create the best atmosphere of magical and warm Greek nights.